Cecilie Bahnsen SS21 The Summit

Mikkel Stenild

Paris Fashion Week 2020

Cecilie Bahnsen debuts on Paris Fashion week with the film “The Summit”

We're proud to be part of this film which is included on the official Paris Fashion week calendar.
“This season I had an image in my mind of a woman on a journey across a landscape - a symbolic wanderer.” - Cecilie Bahnsen

With her moody and sensuous Spring Summer 2021 collection, Cecilie Bahnsen sends her women on a journey inspired by nature, unity and hope.
The film was shot on the west coast of Jutland and directed by Moon.

Original music by
August Rosenbaum
Director of Photography
Jakob Møller
1st Camera Assistant
Ida Gabriella Banck
2nd Camera Operator
Mikkel Stenild
1st Assisting Director
Christian Kragmann Karlsson
Drone Operator
Alex Suhr
Mikkel Stenild
Line Producer
Joshua Beckford
Space Office VFX
VFX Supervisor
Jonas Ussing
Nurali Kushkov

Produced by
Creative Producer
Allan Stenild